About Us

CV Sinar Jaya Safety

is a supplier of Personal Protective Equipment and industrial Safety Equipment based in Jakarta. We provide various of safety products for industrial needs such as medical mask, respirator, Gloves, Safety Shoes, safety helmet,  safety glasses, ear muff, safety signs, ear plug,  fire protection equipment, safety vest, body harness and etc.


Our Business first started back in 2020, in Jakarta. At that time, we sold several local brands of safety equipment products for personal user through local e-commerce website. In 2022 our business has become verified safety supplier corporation under name CV Sinar Jaya Safety in order to provide our safety products for Industrial companies across Indonesia.

Vision & Mission

To become one of the best safety Equipment Supplier in Indonesia

We believe that safe work environment is a fundamental right of every worker.  Therefore, we will provide every industrial business to fullfill their safety standard through out our products.